With our Automotive marketing software we automate, optimise and professionalise the contact moments with your clients and prospects. Start without training, that’s how simply and logically it is set up. Three ingredients are needed to do this. Data, Marketing and Automation. Start without training, it is so simple and logical.


Your client data is matched with our system and enriched with interesting data sources. Get to work with your monitored, enriched and ready-to-mail data.

Link to your dms / gms / crm

In a simple manner, have our software link itself to the master data of your clients, automobiles and prospects.

Import data

Easily add data from customers and prospects through a copy / paste action.

Selections / segmentation

Making a smart count has never been so simple. Immediately linkable to your (e)Direct Mail.

Data scans

Simple and accessible analyses of your client data for completeness and to give a better insight into your client database.

Selection management

Automatic selections, simply managed, (re)produced and exported.

External data sources

RDW, recall and service actions, tire storage, death register, prospect databases, etc. All may be linked with your client data.

Data enrichment

Which cars in your database have undergone a mutation on ascription? This is checked and updated daily.

Block list management

Manage the desired contact per medium, sort, frequency and client yourself. Protection in accordance with legal requirements.

Retention development

Continuous measurement of client retention based on visit versus sent invitations.


With a good launch from our side, you easily build your communication resources and manage your campagnes. Simple, innovative, online and offline.


Simply build and manage your e-mail templates, cards and text messages with optimal protection of your basis corporate identity.


Make your own reaction page to link to, for example, an e-mail. Provided with automatic fill-in options such as your client’s name and phone number.


Communicate your activities via a practical, responsive website. Upload your photos and films and the system makes a slick page of them. Linkable to your invitations and sign-up forms.


Perfect for communicating offers and promotions. Linkable to every e-mail. Within the limits of your corporate identity.


Schedule your campaigns with the marketing calendar. A clear overview of data, templates and sending.

Pay plugin

Link with which your client can easily and quickly pay. May be linked with e-mail, web forms and webshop.

Campaign statistics

Readable analyses of sent campaigns with the possibility to continue clicking up to client level.

Campaign results

Overview with all sales, registrations and reactions to and from sent campaigns. With various options.


Select, manage and send the predefined contact moments (more than 50 available) for your own customer journey.

Customer journey

Your contact moments with your customer in a clear overview. Who does what and when, manually or automatically.

Custom contact moments

Create your own contact moments and simply set the send criteria based of available data and / or sent contact moments.

Pre-defined contact moments

Take advantage of more than 50 pre-defined smart Automotive contact moments.

Mailing list

Automatically send precise contact moments to your clients and prospects via e-mail, text message or card.

Follow-up list

A practical follow-up list with relevant call moments. Provided with practical callback memos.

Spontaneous message

Send a predefined, recurring message, simply and quickly.


Control the parameters of your predefined contact moments and follow up yourself.

Template management

Manage your online and offline templates per contact moment yourself. Monkey see, monkey do.

Contact moment statistics

Who received which contact moment when and in the case of e-mail, also opened. Which clients made appointments, which contact moments were not sent.

Overview contact moments

Advertising service

Make use of our practical advertising service. We have the knowledge and skills on hand to operate as a full service advertising agency. Before and after sales. Looked after from idea to delivery. Laidback input, quality output. Enquire about the possibilities, portfolio and our set rates.

Text and design service

With a few keywords, a catchy text is written and a template is made to measure for you within the corporate identity rules.

Fulfilment service

You can make use of our fulfilment service for packaging and sending your printed mailing.

Printed matter service

At very attractive rates, the designs we have made for you are printed and sent. Also possible for small issues.

Project progress

Fans of our advertising service are always offered a clear overview with our Project Management System. No separate mail traffic and clarity about who is up to bat.